July 15-17, Drama and Inner Development introductory workshop, Beijing, China
July 20-24, Module 2 (twelve senses course), Tianjin, China
July 26-Aug 1, Module 5, Beijing, China
Aug 3-14, Module 7 – Performances of Much Ado About Nothing, Taichung, Taiwan
Aug 16-20, Module 4, Taipei, Taiwan
Aug 22-28, Module 4, Chengdu, China
Aug 30-Sep 5, Module 5, Guangzhou, China
Sep 8-17, Module 6 – performances of The Taming of the Shrew, Guangzhou, China
Sep 19-23, Sessions with teachers, Hairong Waldorf School, Guangzhou, China
Sep 25-29, Module 2, Hong Kong, China
Oct 1-7, Module 2 (twelve senses course), Fuzhou, China
Oct 9-14, Work with students and teachers, Fujino Steiner School, Fujino, Japan
Oct 16-21, Work with students and teachers, Kyotanabe Steiner School, Kyotanabe, Japan
Oct 23-28, Work with students, teachers, and a public workshop, Hokkaido Steiner School, Japan
Oct 29-Nov 4, Module 5, Shanghai, China
Nov 6-7, Team-building with executives, Shanghai, China
Nov 9-15, Module 3, Xian, China
Nov 19-Dec 3, Work with students, teachers, and rehearsing King Lear, Cixin Waldorf School, Taiwan