Students met in Taipei in August 2016 with David Anderson and Yuanrong Liao for the second module of the Drama and Inner Development course. These photos capture some of the highlights!

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WTD Asia August 2016 CICADA


地點:善美真東海園 台中市西屯區臺灣大道四段1966號

David Anderson 的《戲劇與內在發展》

CICADA (revised Bing translation)

On August 14, 2016 at 15:00-16:30
Location: American East Sea Park Taichung city xitun district Taiwan Avenue four no. 1966
Appropriate children over 12 years old.

David Anderson of Walking the dog Theater and students in their third year (5th semester) of study in the Drama and Inner Development course in Taichung will share their working content, improv, singing, William Shakespeare’s Sonnets and scenes from “Much Ado About Nothing”.


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by David Anderson
In July 2016, members of the Beijing Drama and Inner Development group explored Greek gymnastics, scenes and speeches from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, imaginary centers, the four elements, color, and improvisation (among other things) as part of the 3rd module of their 3-year course.  They also gave themselves a name: “8:12” or “The 8:12 Ensemble”.  And they offered their first public sharing of their work, which was attended by sixty people.
The module started as a kind of 5-day retreat in a country village on the outskirts of Beijing, where we stayed in two buildings, had a big open field to move in and run, jump, wrestle, and throw discus and javelin. We shared meals, endured the sweltering heat, and deepened the ensemble.  For the last two days, we moved to a theater in central Beijing, in the old town.  For many, it was the first time performing before an audience, but our weeks of building the substance of our group and learning to listen to the creative space between us had forged a trust that allowed them to create something together.  It also gave the audience a lively evening of sonnets, scenes, singing, and improvisation.  We created a kind of open studio, where we could take audience suggestions for improvisation, show how we work, and try scenes in different ways.
This week our work in Asia continues in Tianjin, where David Anderson and Yuan-rong Liao are giving a workshop with teachers from seven schools throughout the city.  These teachers will explore the elements of Drama and Inner Development to support their relationships and their teaching.
by 曬很黑的圓融
在村裡的日子,大家一起散步去吃素菜,一起承受著暑氣,一起準備著進城的分享會。 除了3位學員選擇交通往返,其他都住在同一大戶人家中,彼此的感情及連結都在潛移默化中深深地紮了根。 特別謝謝村邊大草原,我們跑著、跳著,練習著角力、鐵餅和標槍,找著這些運動和我們在戲劇及言說中的內在關聯性。 詩句的生命,和空間角力,內在姿態的轉換,傾聽自己內在的真實,接受彼此當下的狀態,覺察著場上的需要,在我們的《莎士比亞與即興之夜》實踐了那些感官練習,圓滿了學習過程,連結上自己、夥伴、觀眾、及更大的整體,甚至連結上了更高的意識和 愛 。  我們在一起探索著,共享著彼此的學習和問題,消化著。 不完美也沒有關係,都是我們的成長點,讓我們可以感受那方向,前進。 至少我們知道那些”中心”的滋味如此不同,實力漸增的我們都會逐步邁向自由,知道一切操之在我,能聽見氛圍,能選擇轉換,能看見節奏,能聞見飯菜香,能夠信任,信任這些工作在我們之中會繼續為我們指點迷津。能夠感謝,感謝最後一日在村裡的太陽,學著不抵抗,識別出那溫暖,是能量,是存在,是在你我之中的支持。 感念一切。 祝福812,日日時空相見。

2016 夏天走到冬天 19週計劃  – From summer to winter (19 weeks )

親愛的朋友,Drama and Inner Development work with David Anderson 下半年的行腳計劃如下,期待相會。

7/22-28 北京 第三期 Beijing Module 3
7/30- 8/3 天津 幼教團建  Tianjin: Team-building workshop

8/5-14 台中 第五期 Taichung, Taiwan Module 5

8/17-21 台北 第二期 Taipei, Taiwan Module 2
8/24-30 成都 第二期 Chengdu Module 2
9/2 -11 廣州 第三期 Guangzhou Module 3
9/14-20 廣州 第四期  Guangzhou Module 4
9/22-29 廣州 (海容學校工作坊、 整合心理機構講座) Guangzhou: Hairong School: 12 senses workshop, team-building workshop, and a speech workshop at the eurythmy school; a talk for a transpersonal psychology group

10/1-7  福州-為海西幼教訓練設計的課程第一期 Fuzhou Drama and Inner Development course for early childhood educators
10/10-15  日本華德福學校  Fujino Waldorf School residency, Japan
10/18-22  京都華德福學校  Kyotanabe Waldorf School residency, Japan
10/25~31 北海道華德福學校 Hokkaido Waldorf School residency, Japan

10/31-11/6 上海 第三期 Shanghai Module 3
11/8-12 西安 第一期  Xi’an Module 1
11/14-26 宜蘭慈心、台東華德福 Cixin Waldorf School residency, Taiwan